The Tyrone Thompson Institute for Nonviolence

The Tyrone Thompson Institute for Nonviolence (TTIN) offers a new approach to school suspensions, which often lead to poor academic performance, lost school funding and an increase in juvenile delinquency and dropouts.

Through the program, St. Louis Community College students tutor and mentor suspended students in the St. Louis Public School District, through eighth grade.

The Kwame Foundation provides the vision, funding, adult mentors and hope. The St. Louis School District sets aside tutoring space and provides support. St. Louis Community College houses the program at their William J. Harrison Education Center in north St. Louis City and helps train the college students.

Everyone wins. Suspended students get one-on-one attention in their own school settings. College students learn about community service, tutoring and mentoring. Parents build parenting skills at required one-day workshops. And the local schools retain state funding.

For more information or to volunteer as a mentor, call Sonja Branscomb at 314.862.5344 or

Tyrone Thompson was a fierce education advocate who had mentored hundreds of disadvantaged youngsters. Ironically, when Thompson was shot and killed by two teenagers in an attempted robbery in 2010, he was developing a mentorship program through his alma mater, University City High School, and was president of the St. Louis Martin Luther King Non-Violence Youth Support Group.