Document Control

During the life of a construction project, an enormous amount of construction documents are generated -- any one of which can affect the outcome of the project. These documents include requests for information, field orders and directives, meeting minutes, submittals and general correspondence.

Management and control of these documents is vital to success, as the one document lost can contain information about a claim or some cost saving measure. Early in the pre-construction phase of a project, KWAME establishes a document control system which calls for the storage of all project documents in a central location from which they can easily be retrieved and searched.

Reporting - The immediate availability of project data is not a luxury, but rather a requirement, as analysis and decisions on tough construction issues must be made faster than ever before as delays in decision-making can cost millions of dollars.

Change Management - The best sets of plans and specifications have never been able to produce a construction program that does not contain some number of changes.  KWAME proactively manages changes and keeps all stakeholders abreast of potential cost impacts so that positive cash flow is constantly maintained.

Document Management - Centralized document control allows project stakeholders to access information quickly.  As with any system, proper planning at the early stages will save substantial time and money later. Intelligence in the document numbering system allows documents to be tagged and filed in an organized manner which makes data retrieval around major issues much easier and more efficient.